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UGUR SOGUTMA MAK. A.S. Company Profile

Started its production in 18 April 1954 by manufacturing ice cream machines, Uğur Cooling Inc. Co. is the largest cooling group of Turkey leading the cooling sector today.

With its factory over 220.000m² closed area, 2000+ qualified personnel and production with latest technology; Uğur Cooling is literally a world trademark exporting and servicing to 142 countries all around the world.

Its service without compromising from the quality and wide range of products that covers everyone’s needs; Uğur Cooling serves proudly the biggest brands in the world, such as; Unilever, Ulker, Nestle, Evian, Pınar, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Sinalco, Carlsberg-Tuborg, Efes Pilsen, Beck’s and Heineken.

Uğur Cooling acquired CE, UL, NSF, GOST, KEMA, SASO, MEPS certifications because of the vital factors, like; following an improvement strategy focused on customer and constant renewal with a global vision. Also, with its superior administration for total quality Uğur has been rewarded with TS EN ISO 9001 Quality System Management Certificate.

Uğur Cooling with its professional management, experienced engineers, production policies focusing on quality and its labor force contributing the production with a team spirit will carry its name, quality and 60+ years of experience to the future.

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